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Ceramics Museum

Ceramics Museum


Ceramics Museum

Country : Belgium

Tel. : +3285844181 E-mail :

Fédération du Tourisme de la Province de Namur


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Corneille-céramique-Musée de la Céramique à Andenne Musée de la Céramique - bandeau Musée de la Céramique - Cruche


Potteries from the 2nd to the 14th C. 12th-century candelabra, rare pipes, earthenware and porcelain pieces (18th and 19th C.), stoneware hand-made and industrial artefacts. Tiles and bricks, ovens from the 11th, 14th and 20th C. Plastic earth mine. Relief plan of Andenne (1792). Ceramics workshop.