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Fort de Vaux

Fort de Vaux


Fort de Vaux

55400 Vaux Devant Damloup Country : France

Tel. : +33 (0) 3 29 88 32 88 E-mail :

Comité Départemental du Tourisme de la Meuse


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Fort de Vaux Fort de Vaux Fort de Vaux


Fort Vaux, another Séré de Rivières fort, was one of the main priorities of the German attack, from the very start of the Battle of Verdun. Early in March 1916, the Germans launched a 100-day siege from their position a few hundred metres from the fort. On 1 June, the Germans reached the fort. For a week, cut off and without any outside help, the French garrison put up a heroic fight within the fort before exhaustion forced it to surrender. A tour of the fort shows the everyday living conditions of the men besieged within it, men whose heroic and dramatic struggle has become a symbol of the dogged determination shown by soldiers at Verdun.