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Stanislas Castle

Stanislas Castle


Stanislas Castle

Château Stanislas, 55200 Commercy Country : France

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Comité Départemental du Tourisme de la Meuse


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Stanislas Castle Stanislas Castle


All that remains of the fortress in Commercy are a few sections of the outer wall which were re-used in the late 17th century as the ground floor of a princely residence. The work was commissioned by Cardinal de Retz, the last of the noblemen squires, who was exiled to his estate in Commercy by Louis XIV. It was here that he wrote the Memoirs for which he is famous. However, the person we really have to thank for Commercy's castle is Prince de Vaudémont, courtier to the Duke of Orléans. He commissioned the architects, Germain Boffrand and Nicolas Dorbay, who gave it the appearance we see today. They also extended it with the Place du Fer à Cheval and Avenue Stanislas. The King of Poland added the two lower wings, which were designed by Emmanuel Heré.