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From Stenay to Sedan

From Stenay to Sedan


From Stenay to Sedan

From Stenay

To Sedan

Further information on the stage
  • Distance : 42.00 km
  • Coating : Concrete
  • Difficulty level : Fair
  • Partner : Agence de Développement Touristique des Ardennes

Connection with another cycle path: From Remilly-Aillicourt, the the Green Track of the Ennemane river.


About the step

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From Stenay to Mouzon, you follow the Maas, taking narrow country roads that bear little traffic. From Mouzon to Remilly-Aillicourt, you also take a country road, after which - at Remilly-Aillicourt - the green Trans-Ardennes route will take you to the town of Sedan and the largest fortified castle in Europe.